American Antichrist
Isn't it Just Like our Lord to do the Unexpected?

Christians have for years expected that when the time came, the Antichrist would no doubt emerge from some socialist-leftwing movement. I can't begin to recall all the times I've been told by Christians on social media that, "Obama is the Antichrist!" And now Obama is going the way of Carter and Clinton - written into the dusty and seldom read history books.
In spite of what might be expected, looking at history, anti-christ dictators with an eye on world conquest have almost always emerged from nationalist-rightwing movements. Hitler, as a prime example, began his reign of terror with a patriotic band of zealots. People professing to be Christians in 1930s Germany were ready to follow that nationalist demagogue - because most had long since departed from true biblical Christianity.
Christians in America have for years indulged in a worldview that baptizes Christianity in the muddy waters of nationalism. Let's be honest, for the past decade many Christians in the US have woven patriotism religiously into their Christian profession. Following the lead of the Mormon cult, the constitution has been glorified as if it's divinely-inspired! Brothers and sisters, Christians are called to hold up only the Bible as the divinely-inspired words of God.
If America's children are brought up with the notion that God's Holy Throne in Heaven is draped with the American flag, how will they ever be able to understand that love of God must be far and above love of any country? When all nations unite under an Antichrist world government, how will they understand the separation between what Christ expects of them versus what America expects of them? How will they discern Christ from Antichrist?
Donald Trump promises to "make America great again." We can be sure he will make some things look much better. If he is the Antichrist, the Bible says he will succeed in all he does until the appointed day of his destruction. So he will make many things look "great."

But is anything really fixed without God's blessing? Is anything great if people are looking to a man and giving glory to man? Trump has often said, "I'm the only one who can fix it." That is a preamble to, "I AM THE ONE, DONALD J TRUMP, who makes things great. Give me the glory."
Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the Lord - and that is Not the USA

Be honest: The majority of Americans have forsaken the God of the Bible to follow gods of this world. The policies of their government have long reflected greed and self-indulgence.

The prophet Daniel talks about the 4th kingdom that comes upon the earth that is different from every other kingdom in history: It tramples and devours the entire earth (Dan 7:23). That iron kingdom (Dan 2:40) undoubtedly began as the ancient Roman Empire, but the original empire in Europe was only the beginning. America is the inheritor of the Roman Empire legacy, the Revived Roman Empire, the Final World Empire, of both iron and clay (Dan 2:41).

America is the most powerful military empire in all of history, with over 800 foreign military bases around the planet! No other world superpower has ever come close to such total domination over the earth. (I've reposted a video I made 2 years ago that deals with this subject in more detail. Here's the link, the link is also at the bottom of the page.)
The Bible tells us: One of the traits of the Antichrist is that he will persecute anyone who refuses to honor and acknowledge him. I don't think it's a stretch to say President Trump will come down hard on anyone who dares criticize him. This is a man who cannot "let it go" when anyone pushes back against his bullying. We've seen him hold unrelenting grudges - and dismantle and destroy opponents.

He will be commander-in-chief of all the covert agencies of the US government. How will he deal with a critical news media? I look for CNN and the Washington Post to be targets, but eventually he will get around to even Fox News and Drudge if they dare criticize. The only news media survivors will be those who bow to him. (Breaking: Already it begins, Trump tells media "GET IN LINE"
When persecution begins, the tendency will be for many to say, "You wanted him and you got him! Now deal with it!" But let's not give in to that impulse. We need each other.

We need to stand together from the very start, stand with anyone Trump comes down on. His strategy has always been to divide and conquer. He may begin with news reporters, and Mexicans and Muslims - before he turns his attention toward others who don't bow down.

In the end, the Bible warns us that Antichrist will make war on the Christians and execute many - until his appointed day of doom. But let's not go down easy. Let's not let him pick us off one group at a time. Let's pray for anyone persecuted, and stand with them, and stand up for one another. Political differences, our denominational differences, all that won't matter anymore - it will be a time when all that matters is devotion to Jesus Christ.
The Importance of Just Having This Conversation

I believe it's so important that we talk about these things ahead of time - share our thoughts and prayers and feelings with one another. It will help us prepare for these very last days.

Many people are saying we can't be 100% sure Trump is the Antichrist until the appointed time when he is revealed. If the watchman stands on the wall and says to himself, "I am 99% sure I see a coming danger, but I won't sound the alarm because I'm not 100% sure" - he has chosen to err on the side of carelessness instead of choosing to err on the side of caution. I will choose to sound the alarm against the danger I see coming - even if we aren't yet 100% sure.
"...this horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts." (Daniel 7:8)
I'm not claiming any "prophecy or dream" that tells me for certain Trump is the Antichrist. My Bible prophecy studies and study of world history lead me to conclude that he may well be.

Looking for an anti-christ rightwing cultic leader rising up in control of America's great military empire led me to mistakenly think Mitt Romney was that person in 2012. I admit my mistake and I know I lost credibility with people for that mistake. Romney was, unknown to many people, not only a political leader but also a high leader in the Mormon cult. He was in fact a "High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek" in that cult that believes men become gods. He was anti-christ in his beliefs, and God only knows how that would have manifested if he had been elected. But it was not yet the appointed time in 2012 for Antichrist to arise and emerge. 
A Bit of Biblical Chronology to Start the Conversation

You may be familiar with the research of creationist men of God like James Ussher and Frank Klassen in the field of biblical chronology. These men and many others have come to the conclusion that the biblical record tells us the history of the world is contained within about 6,000 years from the creation account to today. That is so interesting in light of the scripture, "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." (2 Peter 3:8)

It could be possible that just as creation happened in 6 days with the one day of rest, the Lord's History (His Story) on earth will last 6,000 years plus 1,000 years (the Millennium).

Jesus gave us signs, so we could recognize the general time of His second coming. "When you see all these things, you know that He is near, right at the door." (Matt 24:33) The signs are all around us in these last days. Jesus told us we could not know the day or the hour. But He wanted us to know the general time marked by signs He gave us in scripture. Now that we see the many signs He gave us, we know it will not be very much longer to wait. (Hallelujah!)
Now I know that many Christians hold to the historical reformation belief that the pope will be the Antichrist. But here is a historical truth: The pope puts the crown on the king.

In the book of Revelation we read that the False Prophet, the second beast (out of the earth) is the one who exalts the first beast (out of the sea) the Antichrist (Rev 13:12).

Rev 13:8 says all lost people worldwide will worship the Antichrist. So there is the One World Religion, Satan’s counterfeit world church, where the world worships the Antichrist.

And Rev 13:12-14 says the second beast, the False Prophet, is a miracle-working leader of the One World Religion church that worships Antichrist, a world emperor.

It's so true the leader of the World Church will be "anti-christ" - but not The Antichrist. He will be the world religious leader, the False Prophet, leading the lost to worship the first beast.

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So here is the striking thing about all this: If we count 6,000 years from the time these students of Bible chronology concluded that creation took place, we come to about the year 2025 or 2026. That general time frame is also 2,000 years from the time Jesus began His public ministry.

The Antichrist could arise on the world stage now in order to amass power over time, and then fulfill the final years of events foretold in scripture concerning his wars and conquests and reign of terror. We have yet to see the establishment of the ten kings who will give him their power and authority. All the prophecies will happen as foretold, and the clock is ticking to God's appointed end.
A nationalistic false christ.
"He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior."
(Daniel 8:25)
In this brief article, I'll try to quickly cover these topics: 1) a possible scenario concerning the general time of our Lord's Second Coming, 2) Christians standing together in an anti-christ world, 3) allegiance to Christ alone in a fallen-away culture, 4) the nation that leads the world, and the US leads in the wrong direction, 5) the traits that describe the Antichrist.
Traits that Describe the Antichrist

Does Donald Trump fit the description of the Antichrist? Depending on what Bible version you read from, the Antichrist is described as having a fierce countenance, a stern face - check. And he is described in the same verse as understanding dark sentences - a master of intrigue (Dan 8:23). Some of those closest to Trump have let it be known that he studied the speeches of Adolf Hitler, a master of manipulation who knew how to use words to win over the people: Never defend, always attack. Deny, deny, lie and lie. Repeat slogans, repeat, repeat until the people believe you. Divide the people and blame "those people" for everything.
"And truth was thrown to the ground" (Dan 8:12). What matters in propaganda is not the truth, but perception. Kellyanne Conway, who also claims to be a Christian, was asked during the campaign about a statement that proved to be false. She answered, "It doesn't change what's in voters' minds right now." In Trump's world, it's not about believing truth, it's about believing in Trump.
"He will become very strong, but not by his own power..." (Dan 8:24) History tells us of many despots who came to power through their military conquests. But the Antichrist is given power. Trump comes to power by the will of the people he has won over. Americans have just given Trump the mantle of commander-in-chief of the mightiest military machine ever built on planet earth, with power that dominates the world.
"He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does." (Dan 8:24) Who can make war with the beast? Who can make war with a military that overwhelms all nations?